Apeks allow shox to explore new career opportunities

Apeks have allowed Richard "shox" Papillon to explore options for continuing his career elsewhere, the Norwegian club has announced on Twitter.

Apeks' announcement clarifies that shox has been removed from the starting five due to a difference in vision of team development.

Papillon has been part of Apeks since August of this year, when he joined the European roster after an unsuccessful first half of the year with Liquid. Together with the eminent Frenchman, the team was not able to achieve significant success and, among other things, failed the open qualifier for the European RMR tournament.

A month ago, Apeks took a break from competition amid poor results. It was then reported that the club needed time to analyze the situation and assess the squad's prospects.

The Norwegian organization is currently looking for shox's replacement. Nothing, however, has been reported on the timing of the team's return to action.

Origin: twitter.com