Sangal to take on Heroic in BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 Europe semifinal

In the quarterfinals of the European part of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022, Sangal came out on top of BIG (11:16 on Dust2, 16:9 on Inferno and 19:16 on Vertigo), while Heroic bested ECSTATIC (16:14 on Vertigo and 16:9 on Inferno). The winners advanced to the semifinals, while the losing teams were eliminated from the tournament.

The semifinal match between Sangal and Heroic will take place on Saturday, October 22. The second encounter of the semis, where Astralis will face off against Vitality, will play out a day earlier.

The current BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 Europe bracket:

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