Grim explains why Complexity failed at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022

Complexity's Michael "Grim" Wince gave an interview to the organizers of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 North America after his team's elimination from the tournament. He believes that the reasons for the unexpected defeat by Sharks were the lack of sufficient time for training and good actions from the opponent's side.

I'd say we had limited days of practice. hallzekr was flying in from Mexico and JT just came back from South Africa, where he got a new visa. Definitely, the circumstances weren't fully there I'd say for us, but obviously it's still no excuse. We've only had a few days of practice because of all that visa stuff and hallzerk flying, but still, we were confident going in and honestly, we're probably all disappointed in ourselves.

I'd say they [Sharks] actually had some good reads on some of these rounds, because when we were up 4:0 and we started losing some of these rounds, it seemed like they had really good reads on what we're gonna do next. For example, we tried to pop out Hut and we got like double-mollied and there was three there, so they stopped it right away. And then one round we were trynna do a mini split and I got on Twinkie, I got double-naded. It was the first time I ever got double-naded. I'd say they just had some pretty good reads overall. We definitely could've played better but I just wanna give some props to them. I think they played pretty well.

After the failure in the North American division of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022, where one ticket to BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 is up for grabs, Complexity have no scheduled tournaments until the end of this year. During the interview, Grim added that now the team will practice in its region, after which will try to gather for a bootcamp in Europe.