Team Spirit, ENCE and Bad News Eagles invited to CCT Central Europe Series 2 playoffs

The organizers of CCT South Europe Series 1, which runs online from October 10 to 24, have announced eight teams that have received an invitation directly to the playoffs. Among the invitees are Team Spirit, ENCE and Bad News Eagles, all of whom will attend the upcoming Major in Rio.

Besides the aforementioned teams, the direct invites to the decisive stage of the event also went to Eternal Fire, forZe, Falcons, Endpoint and Entropiq.

The eight direct invitees will compete with the finalists of the group stage. So far, only Tricked and ex-SKADE have made it to the playoffs, having had a three-match winning streak.

CCT South Europe Series 1 boasts a prize pool of $50,000. The competition will be the last one before the start of IEM Rio Major 2022, which is scheduled to kick off on October 31.