TSM to return to CS:GO in 2023

North American organization TSM will be returning to the CS:GO pro scene in 2023, the club's VP of Esports, Dominic Kallas, has stated in a short update video for the fans.

The head emphasized that TSM will not buy a top team and will focus on building a new roster that will be based in Europe. The organization has already begun searching for a general manager to select players and create the infrastructure necessary for the team to succeed.

Kallas also spoke about TSM's desire to become part of ESL and BLAST's franchise leagues. According to him, the club is already in discussions with the tournament operators.

TSM entered the CS:GO pro scene in 2015, when they signed the Danish Dignitas lineup led by Finn "karrigan" Andresen. A year later, the roster left the club and founded Astralis, while the North Americans signed players from their region. In 2017, having not achieved much success, the organization left Valve shooter's competitive scene.

Origin: twitter.com