ESL Pro League Season 16 grand final draws 509.7K peak concurrent viewers

The grand final between Vitality and Liquid became the most popular match of the concluded ESL Pro League Season 16 after garnering a peak of 509,732 concurrent viewers, according to the data provided by the analytical service Esports Charts on its official website.

The average viewer count of the LAN event's broadcasts on all venues except Chinese streaming platforms amounted to 159,450. The tournament aired for a total of 238 hours.

The top 5 most popular matches at ESL Pro League Season 16:

1.  Vitality –  Liquid, Final (509,732)
2.  G2 –  NAVI, Quarterfinal (493,096)
3.  Heroic –  NAVI, Playoffs Round 1 (407,563)
4.  G2 –  Vitality, Semifinal (394,713)
5.  Cloud9 –  Liquid, Semifinal (386, 153)

ESL Pro League Season 16 took place from August 31 to October 2 and ended with the victory of Vitality. The total prize pool of the tournament was $823,000, of which $200,000 went to the champion.