BnTeT and Attacker leave TYLOO

Famous Asian esports athletes Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand and YuanZhang "Attacker" Sheng have departed TYLOO, the Chinese organization announced on social media.

According to the information published, BnTeT became a free agent, while Attacker was moved to the bench. The reasons for the removal of the duo from the team have not been disclosed.

Besides the departures, TYLOO also announced their newcomers. The vacated spots in the squad will be taken by 18-year-old inexperienced player Junsheng "⁠aristo⁠" Jin and WingHei "Freeman" Cheung, who is already familiar to the fans of the club for his time donning its jersey in 2019-2020.

The Chinese team's next tournament will be BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022. The competition for two spots in BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 and a prize pool of $135,000 will take place online from October 19 to 23.

Current  TYLOO lineup:

 Kelun "⁠SLOWLY⁠" Sun
 Zhenghao "⁠DANK1NG⁠" Lv
 YuLun "⁠Summer⁠" Cai
 Junsheng "⁠aristo⁠" Jin
 WingHei "⁠Freeman⁠" Cheung

 Nestor "⁠LETN1⁠" Tanić (coach)