Guide by w0nderful: how to play for defense on Overpass?

Team Spirit player Igor "w0nderful" Zhdanov shared his own secrets of a successful game on Overpass in a video for the organization's YouTube channel. In the video guide, the Ukrainian sniper analyzed the actions on the CT side.

Zhdanov showed how to act not only with his usual AWP but also with other weapons when defending the A bombsite. In addition, the guide shows tips for playing aggressively in such locations on the map as "lower tunnels", "toilets" and "fountain", which allows you to deal damage to the opponent at the beginning of the round.

At the end of the video, w0nderful gave some tips when playing on Overpass to help you succeed in official matches, on FACEIT or in regular matchmaking. In his opinion, the main thing is not to be afraid and do everything confidently, as well as actively look for the opening kills with the AWP and communicate well with teammates during the match.

Earlier, a similar guide was made by Zhdanov's Team Spirit teammate Boris "magixx" Vorobiev. He broke down the basic steps for defending the B bombsite on Ancient.