YNk suggests holding a World Championship among national teams and names 10 possible participants

Esports analyst Janko "YNk" Paunović took to Twitter to suggest organizing a World Championship among squads that are assembled on the ground of national origin. He also named ten teams from different countries that could take part in such an event.

According to the analyst, the tournament he suggested could be held during one of the two player breaks that annually split the seasons in the CS:GO pro scene.

Obviously players are better off in their respective teams for now but this is exactly why it would be cool to have a World/European championship... Properly organized of course. The schedule is obviously packed so it would have to be during the player break but I think it's doable (especially if the break is prolonged for a week or two). Would have to be in a really nice location though in order to attract players to come during the break. Regardless, it could be pretty cool since not everyone is a veteran and needs that full month to decompress. Similar to sports it would be a chance for the younger players to further prover themselves not to mention the national rivalries and the bragging rights.

The potential participants of the Championship according to YNk are:

 Israel: Spinx, flameZ, xertioN, anarkez, Nertz
 Brazil: KSCERATO, yuurih, TACO, HEN1, dumau
 Poland: dycha, hades, F1KU, MICHU, mhL
 Russia: electroNic, degster, Ax1Le, FL1T, Patsi
 Ukraine: s1mple, b1t, sdy, Woro2k, SENSEi
 Denmark: blameF, nicodooz/device, stavn, k0nfig/dupreeh, TeSeS/Magisk
 Sweden: Brollan, REZ, hampus, KRIMZ, nawwk
 France: ZywOo, misutaaa, JACKZ, hAdji, apEX/bodyy
 Finland: Aleksib, allu, Aerial, xseveN, sergej
 USA: EliGE, oSee, floppy, autimatic, Grim

Origin: twitter.com

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