Teams to participate in closed qualifiers for Asia RMR determined

The open qualifiers for the upcoming Asia RMR, which were held in the Middle East, China, Asia and Oceania regions, have come to an end. Each of these regions saw four teams making it to the closed stage, where they will fight for two spots in the qualifying tournament for IEM Rio Major 2022.

In the Middle East, NASR, JiJieHao International, JBP, and Tripple 6 won the open qualifiers; in China, these were Rare Atom, TYLOO, Wings Up, and Lynn Vision; in Asia, the spots were secured by IHC, ARAVT, NKT, and TheMongolz, while in Oceania, the teams that came a step closer to the Major were ORDER, Rooster, DGG and Encore.

The final stage of the qualifiers for the Asian RMR event will take place on August 27-28. Each of the four aforementioned regions will have only one team advancing to the tournament.

The Asia RMR will take place from October 4 to 9. At the competition, four participants will battle out two tickets to the Major.