mezii⁠: "The main problem in the UK CS:GO scene is pretty much down to just laziness"

In the CS Out Here podcast, British fnatic player William "mezii⁠" Merriman has named the main reason that hinders the development of the CS:GO professional scene in his country. He believes⁠ that esports athletes from the Great Britain rarely succeed because of their laziness.

The main problem in the UK CS:GO scene is pretty much down to just laziness. A lot of players don't really want to put in the time to actually grind, you know. I think people love the idea of being a professional, like "Oh yeah, I wanna be this player, I wanna get to this tournament", but they don't really love the idea of actually putting the time in. They love to say "I'm putting this time in". Realistically, they're not really doing it. It's only until very recently that we've actually had players actively looking to ask me questions or ask people questions on how to improve. Laziness has always been a big problem within the scene. It's just people don't want to put the time in, or they put the time in for a few months. As soon as something bad happens, that's the end of that.

Earlier, Owen "smooya" Butterfield also shared his opinion on the British CS:GO scene. The AWPer, who is best known for his times with BIG, considers a widespread belief in the community about the weakness of players and teams from the UK to be fair.