buster on leaving Virtus.pro: "I almost never had synergy with the guys"

Benched in Virtus.pro Timur "buster" Tulepov gave an interview to Metaratings, in which he spoke about the reasons for leaving the team. According to the Kazakh esports athlete, it was his decision and it was prompted by the lack of mutual understanding within the team.

I know that they wrote about me as if I had gone on vacation. But it was not entirely true. At ESL Pro League 15, I told dastan, our coach, in advance that I was going to leave after the Major, no matter what happened. It was almost like after Dreamhack Leipzig 2020. I called dastan into the room and said this. We had a talk. In the first case, our CEO at that time Glamazda suggested that I take a break so that I could cool down a bit and return to work. Then, it at least somehow recharged me. But still, it was hitting me from the first matchday. In the second case, I already finally decided that I could no longer play in this team. I almost never had synergy with the guys and so didn't they with me. We played by the rules. The advantage was that we had been playing for 5 years with this trio. Many factors annoyed me. There was no one to blame, it was everything from good to bad. This is life. I am grateful to them anyways.

buster was put on the bench in Virtus.pro at the end of May, along with his former teammate Mareks "YEKINDAR" Galinskis. The Russian club stressed that it was ready to consider transfer offers for these players.

Origin: cybersport.metaratings.ru