FalleN: "I'm going to stop sometime soon, in the next year and a half or something like that"

In the OG's Monkey Business podcast, Imperial's in-game leader Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo gave an approximate timing for the end of his professional career. According to the eminent Brazilian, he will retire from the competition as a player in around a year and a half.

We cannot stay doing the same thing the entire life. I'm even thinking about that myself a lot lately because I'm going to stop sometime soon, you know, in the next one year and a half or something like that. I'm learning to understand myself, and for me, it's pretty complicated because it has been 17 or 18 years playing. Like I have been playing CS my whole life. I don't know how to do anything else better.

FalleN also spoke about his plans after retirement. As of now, he sees coaching, streaming or mentoring young players as the most realistic options.

Sometimes I feel the itch of maybe going for a coach career and helping other teams to succeed. But at the same time coaching will be complicated because it's kind of the same life I live right now, where I can't stay at home too much. That's basically what makes it hard for me to really go this path. Secondarily, I really like streaming. I really like creating content and being in touch with people. Streaming is pretty cool because I could stay at home, so that's something I think about. And thirdly, I really like the teaching part of the game, the game's academy thing and all those things where I can develop new people. I'm really fascinated about that. I have a lot of knowledge that I really know how to pass along.

FalleN is one of the most famous and titled players in the history of the CS:GO professional scene. Throughout his career, The Brazilian became the champion of many big tournaments, including two Majors.

Origin: youtu.be