Thorin: "I think this NAVI lineup with sdy potentially might end up being better than the previous one"

Esports analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields believes that the current NAVI roster version is superior to the previous lineup with Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov as an IGL. In the Competitive Edge podcast, he noted that at the ongoing IEM Cologne 2022, each of the five members of the team is able to turn on and put up a good individual performance.

I actually think, as messed up as it sounds, this lineup with somedieyoung potentially might end up being better than that lineup. At this tournament, he (sdy) fragged out, he actually had some really good games as well, so if you look at the raw firepower the team has, it is really crazy. It's going to be one of the most heavy firepower teams in the history of Counter-Strike. There are too many people popping off at the same time. Somehow all these players can simultaneously pop off. And that is terrifying to play against by the way because it means that they can just cancel out correct decisions by the opponent and win rounds they are not supposed to win. They can win low-buy rounds, they can win every type of round. They haven't quite got the polish yet because obviously this guy is brand new. He himself is a standin, they don't know if he's going to stay there permanently, but the opening signs look amazing so far.

Despite praising NAVI's current strength, Thorin named FaZe the main favorite in the IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs.

NAVI's best quality is the firepower and discipline. They are amazing at streaks, but the thing that I've been so enthralled by with this FaZe Clan lineup is when they are in those close games, as a team collectively, they are just so good in like clutch situations, difficult and tricky scenarios. Somehow, collectively they just always seem to come through. So even though I do get why people might think that NAVI is going to win this event, I believe that FaZe has sort of the destiny. I think they have the magic when they are in these matches. I'm gonna say FaZe wins it again.

NAVI and FaZe will kick off the IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs in the semifinals, where they advanced to as the winners of their respective groups. On July 16, Natus Vincere will face the winner of the Astralis – MOUZ matchup, while the European squad will go up against the best team of the confrontation between Liquid and Movistar Riders.