Lanxess Arena to be full for IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs

In the run-up to the IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs, the organizers of the ongoing event have announced that all the tickets to the Lanxess Arena, where the fans will enjoy the final stage matches live, have been sold out. This year, the capacity of the venue exceeds 19.5K seats.

The ticket prices for all three days of action at the arena ranged from 94 to 299 euros, depending on the accommodation and additional options offered to fans. Moreover, the premium tickets offering private lounges at a price of 4,995 euros have also been sold out.

The playoffs of the prestigious event in Cologne will be held from July 15 to 17. Astralis, MOUZ, Movistar Riders, Liquid, NAVI and FaZe will lock horns for the lion's share of the total prize pool of $1 million.

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