nafany after IEM Cologne 2022 elimination: "I ruined this tournament for my team" 

Cloud9's in-game leader Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov believes that the team's early elimination from IEM Cologne 2022 was largely due to his poor individual performance. He spoke about the reasons for the failure in an interview with the tournament organizers following the defeat by Liquid in the lower bracket of Group B.

We played really awful today, and yesterday as well. Sure, it is a couple of things why we are not playing how we can play. But if someone wants to find someone to blame, it is obviously me because I played awful both series, against Astralis and Liquid. When you have an opening fragger who isn't getting opening frags then it is obviously hard to play. And as an in-game leader, I was not so good this tournament. So these are a couple of things why I ruined this tournament for my team.

Cloud9 finished IEM Cologne 2022 in 9-12th place, taking home $16,000 in prize money. The North American organization thus joined Vitality, Team Spirit and G2, who ended the prestigious event with the same result.