Portuguese teams SAW and FTW trade players

The strongest Portuguese teams SAW and FTW have announced a large-scale player swap, as a result of which Michel "⁠ewjerkz⁠" Pinto and João "⁠story⁠" Vieira joined the SAW roster, while Renato "⁠stadodo⁠" Gonçalves and Rui "vts" Soares moved to FTW. The latter joined the new team as a coach.

SAW completed their roster a week after the first reshuffle in 2.5 years, following which stadodo and vts mentioned above were removed from the main roster. Then, Omar "arki" Chakkor was also put on the bench, but now the club has decided to return the Spaniard to another position and appointed him as the new head coach.

FTW also finalized their lineup, which until recently featured only three players. Together with stadodo, Francisco "Kst" Fragoso, who previously played for fnatic Academy, joined the starting five.

Both teams will be able to see their new rosters in action at the regional online event Circuito Retake Season 4, kicking off on July 9.

Current  SAW lineup:

 Ricardo "⁠rmn⁠" Oliveira
 Christopher "⁠MUTiRiS⁠" Fernandes
 Tiago "⁠JUST⁠" Moura
 Michel "⁠ewjerkz⁠" Pinto
 João "⁠story⁠" Vieira

 Omar "⁠arki⁠" Chakkor (coach)

Current  FTW lineup:

 Diogo "⁠DDias⁠" Dias
 Rafael "⁠arrozdoce⁠" Wing
 André "⁠Ag1l⁠" Gil
 Renato "⁠stadodo⁠" Gonçalves
 Francisco "⁠kst⁠" Fragoso

 Rui "⁠vts⁠" Soares (coach)

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