Liquid bench shox and adreN

Liquid have announced the removal of Richard "shox" Papillon from the main roster. Along with the French player, the club also benched coach Eric "adreN" Hoag.

The North American club's press release did not reveal the reasons for putting the player and coach on the bench. It was, however, noted that as of now the organization will explore possible future options for its lineup.

shox joined Liquid at the beginning of this year, while adreN coached the team since May last year. During this time, the roster has not managed to achieve any significant success.

The announcement of Papillon and Hoag's departure came a few weeks after Liquid's unsuccessful run at IEM Dallas 2022. As part of their home tournament, the North American squad took the 7-8th place. The next matches for the team will take place at IEM Cologne 2022, which starts on July 5.

Now Liquid's lineup is:

 Jonathan "⁠EliGE⁠" Jablonowski
 Nick "⁠nitr0⁠" Cannella
 Josh "⁠oSee⁠" Ohm
 Keith "⁠NAF⁠" Markovic