"My first emotion was surprise". sdy comments on joining NAVI

In an interview on NAVI's YouTube channel, the newcomer Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev, who was brought into the team as a stand-in for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022, opened up about being selected to the roster. According to the Ukrainian, sdy's agent from Prodigy Agency reached out to the club and offered his candidacy on a free loan basis from MAD Lions, after which he was approved even without any in-game tryouts.

My first emotion was surprise. There had been situations before where I could join NAVI - two times, I think. I took it calmly. It was a good chance that I knew I had to take, so I was quite sensible about it. 

I'll walk you through the whole thing. I'm part of the French agency called Prodigy, and my agent, Jerome, contacted NAVI and offered a loan. It all became a possibility thanks to him, MAD Lions' loyalty, who loaned me out free of charge, and NAVI. As for tryouts, I didn't have any. I just talked to Andrey B1ad3 and xaoc, that was it.

Currently, the members of the NAVI roster are in different places, so the first training sessions were hardly smooth, sdy admitted.

I only exchanged some messages with Perfecto and b1t. We shook hands, signed the deal and got down to business. Then we started practicing but it didn't go without issues – some had technical difficulties because everyone is in different locations. However, overall, the practice games went pretty well, except for a few maybe. The atmosphere is good, we're putting in the work and I hope I can have as much impact as I can in this short period of time.

sdy joined NAVI in early June, replacing Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov, who was removed from the starting five. In the official announcement, the club emphasized that the future of the Ukrainian in the team depends on his performance at the upcoming BLAST event, which will be held from June 15 to 19.

Origin: youtu.be