Heroic claim Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022 title

Heroic have won Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022, which took place from June 8 to 11 in the Swedish city of Lund. In the decisive match of the tournament, the Danish team proved to be superior over their compatriots from Astralis, closing out the game 2:0 – 16:9 on Ancient and 16:11 on Overpass.

Having taken the second place in Group A, Heroic started the playoffs from the lower bracket, where they came out on top of Finest and BIG. The detailed results of Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022 are available on the event's page on our website via this link.

The final Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022 bracket:

The prize money distribution:

1.  Heroic – $150,000
2.  Astralis – $50,000
3.  BIG – $35,000
4.  Finest – $15,000