degster confirms leaving Team Spirit amid moving to Serbia

Russian player Abdul "degster" Gasanov took to Twitter to say that the decision to part ways with Team Spirit, which was officially announced earlier today, was made due to the club's requirement to stay at the training base in Serbia for most of the year. Previously, this information was reported by, citing its own source.

Separately, degster stressed that he wants to return to Russia solely for personal reasons that have nothing to do with any political motives.

There is a lot of talk about me leaving Spirit active roster, so i would like to provide context so you guys would understand my decision better. The organization wants every player to spend at least 9 months per year in Serbia. However, there are certain personal matters that prevented me from being able to meet these demands. In addition, my girlfriend is in Moscow and we needed more time to make a decision if we wanted to live in Serbia in the first place. Overall, this was a mutual decision, influenced solely by personal factors, so there is no political context here.

In the official announcement on degster benching, Team Spirit stated the different views of the player and the coaching staff on the organization of the training process and the future of the team as a whole as the reason. Currently, Team Spirit's management is looking for a new AWPer.