Snax: "I'm still hungry to play in tier one"

Polish player Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski, who is now standing in for ENCE at IEM Dallas 2022, sat down for an interview with the tournament organizers. During the conversation with a journalist, he expressed hope that a successful game at the ongoing event would help him find a new team and return to the tier-1 level.

Of course, I'm taking it very seriously. Like I said on Twitter, I'm looking for a team, I'm grinding a lot, doing stuff a lot, I'm still hungry to play in tier one. I think I showed a little bit of myself today.

I was doing a lot of work so Snappi, he doesn't have to say to me every round what I need to do. I wrote it down so it's going to be better for him and also for me, because it's not hard to read from the paper. Because of my addition to the team, I'm also trying to make it happier in the team, trying to put happiness in the TeamSpeak.

During the interview, Pogorzelski singled out the good atmosphere within the ENCE roster.

I feel like in home, I feel I can do jokes, I don't feel like I need to hold the gap, I can do more stuff. Even on one round on Ancient I said to the guys go A with three, let's gamble and maden stay B, he said he's gonna stay on B and dycha went to the window and they didn't come to A. I was like, 'guys, listen to old papa, he knows what we doing, yeah?'

ENCE had a successful group stage at IEM Dallas 2022, where they defeated MOUZ, G2 and FaZe, advancing straight to the semifinals. In the match for the ticket to the grand final of the ongoing LAN event, Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer's squad will face the winner of the G2 – FURIA matchup.