Valve to decide on 2023 Majors organizers by end-June

Valve intends to decide on two 2023 Major organizers by the end of June. This was reported by with reference to an email sent by the CS:GO developer to the largest tournament operators.

According to the source, Valve will not abandon its previously announced plans to host Majors under its auspices in May and November 2023. At the same time, the company will entrust the selected operators with holding regional qualifiers, such as RMRs and open qualifiers, which should take place 2-3 weeks before the Majors.

The set of requirements for potential Major organizers has been supplemented. Some points are quoted by

  • Given the ongoing uncertainty in travel restrictions, we will prioritize events that take place in regions where the TO has previously operated successful events. If possible, please identify a backup venue in case travel restrictions make the original location inaccessible.
  • As with previous Major Championships, our primary goal is to identify an event that will provide the greatest entertainment value to existing CS:GO customers, so please be specific when describing the services or features of your event.
    Note that in general, we do not weigh heavily on any features that are untested, new, or in development. If you are proposing novel features for your event, consider providing additional detail explaining how those features will be developed and tested, and what alternatives you'll consider if they cannot be executed as planned.
  • The vast majority of spectators for your event will be viewing games through streams. Your proposal should include a distribution plan including the expected streaming platforms, languages available, schedule, etc.
  • The event should be in a time zone convenient for a significant proportion of CS:GO customers (CS:GO has two prime times, one at 16:00 CET and one at 21:00 CET).
  • To allow us to properly evaluate your proposal, please include a link to footage of events you have run recently that are of comparable production quality to the event you are proposing.
  • For both the Major and RMRs, Valve will provide support for the prize pool and players’ travel and accommodation.

The last Major took place from May 9 to 22 with PGL as a tournament organizer. The second Valve-supported event in 2022 is scheduled for early November in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, with the organizer being ESL.