starix in search for new team

Ukrainian coach Sergey "starix" Ischuk has announced the search for a new team on his VK group. He revealed that the AVE roster, which he coached before, disbanded due to funding cuts from an unnamed sponsor.

Turns out that at this point AVE's story comes to an end. The person who sponsored the team simply ignores questions and calls because he owes a lot of money. The team had decent results, but apparently, this was not enough. So all the players start looking for new teams, so will I look for a new team to coach, but for now I want to chill on my streams. Finally, I want to thank my team for the work done and incredible emotions!

AVE began competing in April 2021, shortly after all the players and the coach parted ways with Hard Legion. Since then, the team took part predominantly in online tier-2 tournaments, where it did not have any success.

starix's highest achievement as an AVE coach was winning the spot in the European RMR tournament for PGL Major Antwerp 2022, where the squad played under the ASG tag and took the penultimate place. At the same time, Ischuk himself could not attend the LAN event due to the existing ban from Valve for the coaching bug abuse.