WePlay suspends VP.Prodigy from WePlay Academy League Season 4

WePlay has officially announced the exclusion of the VP.Prodigy roster from the team list of WePlay Academy League Season 4. Initially, the team was supposed to attend the event under the neutral name Outlaws, but after a public outcry, the Ukrainian tournament operator decided to withdraw the invitation of the Russian team.

Esports community, WePlay Esports employees, Ukrainians!
We are excluding team Outlaws from participating in the WePlay Academy League.
We would like to apologize – we take full responsibility for the situation, and we understand your outrage. Our company does not have any contracts with organizations from the Russian Federation, and the management will continue to adhere to this position.

Earlier, the WePlay management had already publicly responded to the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian community regarding Outlaw being among the participants of the league. It was then emphasized that the Russian players are not under any sanctions by the international community, which allows them to take part in the tournament in a neutral status.

After the initial explanation of the situation, WePlay was criticized by many fans and members of the Ukrainian CS:GO community, the most famous of which was Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko. "The Ukrainian organization is ready to pay prize money to players from Russia, while at this very moment we have a war with the Russian Federation," the caster said.

Having announced the suspension of the Outlaws roster, the WePlay Academy League Season 4 organizers did not share information about a possible replacement for this team. The upcoming league for academies will start on May 24.

Origin: twitter.com