Tuscan remake author implements references to two Italian cities

Working on the Tuscan remake, a well-known map developer in the professional CS:GO community named catfood was inspired by the Italian cities of Riomaggiore and Sermoneta. The released remake contains many references to these places, as the author told YouTuber 3kliksphilip.

The new version of Tuscan displays a collective image of a sunny seaside city, which has various ruins of castles and other old buildings. catfood came up with this idea, in particular, after a trip to Italy, during which he took photos of the local environment.

The author of the Tuscan remake provided the YouTuber with photos from his trips, which the blogger put upon the details of the new map for better visualization. On top of that, catfood replicated not only certain buildings or other elements of architecture but also such small details as stains on stones.

Tuscan was released in beta format. The map is available on the Steam Workshop, as well as on FACEIT, where it can be tested in a competitive match.

Origin: youtu.be