sh1ro on scandal around his autograph: "Do not look for hidden meaning where there is none"

Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov from Cloud9 took to his Twitter to state that there are no "hidden meanings" in his PGL Major Antwerp 2022 autograph. The comment of the Russian esports athlete followed accusations from a part of the CS:GO community that he used the Z symbol in his autograph in order to support military action in Ukraine.

Do not look for hidden meaning where there is none. My job is to play CS, and not to do covert diversions.

sh1ro was criticized on social media after the stickers for the upcoming Major have been added to the game on the night of May 4. In the autograph under his nickname, there is a separately highlighted Z sign, which is widely used in similar signatures, yet looks like the symbol used to mark Russian troops in Ukraine. Since the player has not publicly spoken about his position on the war, he was suspected of supporting the invasion.

The sh1ro’s autograph with ambiguous symbol

sh1ro also received support from some esports figures who considered the suspicions towards the player unfounded.