Report: peacemaker used coaching bug in 2018

The current coach of Imperial, Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu, is involved in abusing the coaching bug that allows for observation of the opponent's positions during the match, reports.

According to the source, peacemaker is featured in an unpublished investigation by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), where, along with the Brazilian, there are 51 other suspects.

In the case of Tadeu, the abuse of the game's vulnerability took place in 2018, when he worked for Heroic. In the video presented, you can see how the coach is freely moving around the map, which coincides with the description of one of the previously unveiled bug variants.

The bug was first publicly discussed in 2020, when, following a large-scale investigation, ESIC banned 27 coaches. In March of this year, it became known that the Commission continues to work on identifying unscrupulous specialists.

In the context of the accusations leveled against peacemaker, it is noteworthy that two years ago the Brazilian tweeted that he had never used the coaching bug. Now, prior to publishing the material, journalists turned to Tadeu for a comment, yet did not receive a response.