ZooL fixes long-standing butterfly knife animation problem in 15 minutes

A well-known CS:GO mod developer ZooL tweeted that he managed to fix the problem with the butterfly knife animation, which has been in the game for a long time. According to him, it took him as little as 15 minutes to do it.

To prevent the wrist from twisting in an unnatural way, it was enough to simply rotate the wrist bone and interpolate the model accordingly to smooth out the resulting mess. ZooL believes this could be done in an even more efficient way.

In the comments section on the ZooL’s tweet, users expressed their hope that the CS:GO developers will use an easy way to fix the problem with the butterfly knife, and will also pay attention to the weird animations in the rest of the weapons, including other types of knives.

Previously, Valve released several updates that fixed some of the cases with abnormal knife animations in the hands of certain in-game models.