ESL Pro League Season 15 viewer's guide

The fifteenth season of the ESL Pro League will take place from March 9 to April 10 in the ESL's studio area in Dusseldorf, Germany. 24 teams will compete for a total prize pool of $823,000.

The organizers divided all the teams taking part into four groups of six teams. In the group stage, the squads will play in the Round-robin best-of-three format, after which the group winners will advance directly to the quarterfinals, while those placed second or third will start from the Round of 12. The playoffs will be held in the Single Elimination best-of-three format with a best-of-five grand final.

Seeding of teams in the group stage:

Group A

 G2 (JACKZ, NiKo, huNter-, Aleksib, m0NESY)
 NIP (es3tag, REZ, hampus, Plopski, phzy)
 Entropiq (El1an, Lack1, NickelBack, Krad, Forester)
 fnatic (KRIMZ, ALEX, mezii, regali, Peppzor)
 MOUZ (dexter, frozen, NBK-, torzsi, Bymas)
 LookingForOrg (HaZR, sterling, Liki, SaVage, apoc)

Group B

 Vitality (apEX, ZywOo, misutaaa, dupreeh, Magisk)* (buster, Qikert, Jame, YEKINDAR, FL1T)
 FaZe (rain, broky, Twistzz, karrigan, ropz)
 FURIA (arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, drop, saffee)
 ENCE (Snappi, dycha, hades, Spinx, Maden)
 Sprout (Spiidi, slaxz-, raalz, Staehr, Marix)

Group C

 Gambit* (Hobbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany)
 Liquid (NAF, EliGE, nitr0, oSee, shox)
 GODSENT (TACO, felps, dumau, b4rtiN, latto)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, k1to, faveN)
 Movistar Riders (mopoz, ALEX, DeathZz, SunPayus, dav1g)
 Party Astronauts (PwnAlone, ben1337, djay, Jonji, ptr)

Group D

 NAVI (s1mple, electroNic, Boombl4, Perfecto, b1t)
 Heroic (cadiaN, refrezh, TeSeS, sjuush, stavn)
 Astralis (Xyp9x, gla1ve, k0nfig, blameF, Farlig)
 Complexity (JT, FaNg, floppy, Grim, junior)
 Evil Geniuses (Brehze, CeRq, Stewie2K, autimatic, RUSH)
 AGO (Furlan, F1KU, leman, kRaSnaL, Grashog)

* – and Gambit are disqualified from ESL Pro League Season 15 due to the clubs' ties to the Russian government amid ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. At the same time, players are allowed to participate in a neutral status. VP are expected to play under the name Outsiders. At the time of publication of the material, there is no information about whether Gambit will take part in the tournament.

Group stage schedule:

Group A – March 9-13
Group B – March 16-20
Group C – March 23-27
Group D – March 30-April 3

Prize money breakdown:

1. $175,000
2. $70,000
3-4. $35,000
5-8. $17,500
9-12. $12,000
13-16. $9,000
17-20. $7,500
21-24. $6,000