arT: "FURIA are way stronger with this lineup than we were ever before"

Andrei "arT" Piovezan, an in-game leader of FURIA, in an interview to commented on the beginning of the competitive season for his team, which the Brazilians started with a new player. In particular, he noted that the renewed roster is now as strong as ever and is able to show high results in the near future.

We are way stronger with this lineup than we were ever before. <...> Here in the first two months, we just need 2-3 tournaments to put the pieces together. When you get the ball rolling you need to start winning tournaments to get your confidence up – that momentum is what keeps a good team at the top.

According to arT, FURIA's rookie Rafael "saffee" Costa was the kind of player the team was missing after the departure of a dedicated AWPer two years ago.

saffee is definitely a more experienced and very skilled AWPer, which is what we have been looking for since HEN1 left the team two years ago. saffee is very cool and always chilling. He’s also a person who wants to learn and listen so he definitely a nice teammate to have.

The renewed FURIA made its debut at Pinnacle Winter Series #1, where they finished 5-8th. ESL Challenger February 2022 and IEM Katowice 2022 are the next events in the Brazilians’ schedule.