HLTV.org: Valve to merge CIS and Europe regions for next Major qualifier

During the qualifying cycle for the upcoming Major, all teams will be divided into three large regions: the CIS and Europe, North America and South America and Asia and Oceania, HLTV.org reports.

According to the source, in the future, Valve intends to make drastic changes to the system of qualifiers to Majors. Among other things, it is expected that RMR tournaments in the three regions mentioned above will be held in a LAN format. If the qualifying cycle takes place online due to certain circumstances, all the participants will be divided into six regions, as was the case before.

In the new qualifying system for Majors, the slots are distributed as follows:

  • Europe and CIS: 16 slots (previously 11+5)
  • North America and South America: 6 slots (previously 5+1)
  • Asia and Oceania: 2 slots (previously 1+1)

The distribution of places at the different stages of Majors will correspond to the team's results at the previous tournament from Valve:

  • Europe and CIS: 7 places in the Legends Stage, 9 in the Challengers Stage
  • North America and South America: 1 place in the Legends Stage, 5 in the Challengers Stage
  • Asia and Oceania: 2 places in the Challengers Stage

Earlier, it was reported that ESL and Valve intend to hold the second major of 2022 in Brazil. At the moment, there is no information about where the first Major of this year will take place.

The information about the merge of the regions was published amid spreading a closed link to Valve's updated rules regarding RMR tournaments in the community. The CS:GO representatives have yet to comment on this situation.

Origin: www.hltv.org