VP.Prodigy's in-game leader: "Defeats are just a lesson, not something personal"

Aleksei "RuFire" Burakov, an in-game leader of VP.Prodigy, in an interview to the WePlay Academy League organizers opened up about how his team handles defeats. He noted that there are no conflicts within VP.Prodigy, which is facilitated by the right work and rest balance.

Nice atmosphere within the team certainly helps us. It is not common for us to blame other teammates even after losing. We are all very friendly and understand that defeats are just a lesson, not something personal.

Inconsistency is inherent in all, even world-class teams, it’s a normal thing. Everything is in your head: tilts, burnouts. It is important to keep the balance and have some rest or a team building.

At the same time, Burakov admitted that VP.Prodigy do not play praccs with other CIS teams. According to him, such games are more about the principle for the opponents, which therefore makes them ineffective.

Not playing with the CIS is like a tradition, which I did not start. In the rare cases when these praccs happen, it looks more like some kind of battle of characters rather than normal training.

VP.Prodigy finished the first two WePlay Academy League seasons in 6th place. In the group stage of the third season, which started on January 3, the Bears are currently in second place in Group B.

Origin: cyber.sports.ru