Blogger: System requirements for CS:GO have doubled since the game was released

Video blogger 3kliksphilip, during his own experiment, has come to the conclusion that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now almost twice as demanding as at the time of its release in 2012. He shared the results of the research in a video on his YouTube channel.

In the experiment, the youtuber compared Aztec from 2012 and Ancient, which appeared this year. To recreate the conditions of nine years ago, he used a relevant for that time PC, as well as low game settings. It turned out that now the various FPS indicators are almost twice as low.

3kliksphilip also tested the game with bots in the "Arms Race" mode on the map called Shoots, planning to recreate the conditions close to a competitive match. As a result, the average FPS in 2021 is 23% lower than in 2012.

The author of the video also noted that the main reasons for CS:GO being more demanding nowadays were map transformations, the appearance of skins for weapons, agent models, and other cosmetic changes to the game.

The video blogger added that the results of his research can only roughly reflect the changes that have occurred in CS:GO over nine years. Since CS is a multiplayer game, making a representative comparison of the two versions is too difficult.