OverDrive: "ropz turned down Vitality and Liquid and chooses between FaZe and G2"

Insider Alexey "OverDrive" Biriukov on his Telegram channel shared information about a possible new team of a star player from MOUZ Robin "ropz" Kool. According to him, after refusing to move to Vitality and Liquid, the Estonian chooses between FaZe and G2.

Interesting rumors about ropz. His contract is valid 3 more month, but MOUZ are not letting him go if it’s a bad bargain. He turned down Vitality and Liquid and chooses between FaZe and G2. In Faze, he would most likely play instead of Olof. In G2, there are many options: option 1 is m0NESY, option 2 is m0NESY+ropz and option 3 is m0NESY+ropz+Aleksib, which means NiKo and huNter- are untouchable. If MOUZ don’t make a deal with anyone, then it’s just a matter of waiting for 3 months.

Talking about what is better for ropz, I think it’s G2. Even though it will be a team from scratch, the potential is huge. FaZe is also a decent option, but the firepower is obviously weaker, so they are unlikely to make it above top-8.

It is interesting that Liquid with their infinite resources cannot poach anyone. And anyone who makes it to Liquid from the high priority shortlist can become the highest paid player in the world!

The information about the possible departure of ropz from MOUZ first appeared in November this year. The journalists found out that FaZe are interested in getting the player, while his current club has already started looking for a replacement.

Origin: t.me