YEKINDAR: "In the IEM Winter 2021 semifinal, need to defeat Vitality, not ZywOo"

Mareks "YEKINDAR" Galinskis, a rifler of, believes that in the IEM Winter 2021 semifinal against Vitality his team should focus on taking on the entire French squad, and not only the star AWPer Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. The player shared it to a journalist at a press conference before the start of the playoff stage.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

ZywOo is just a human, like the other players. He is a very talented and hardworking guy, but it does not mean that we feel something extraordinary playing against him. There are lots of good AWPers. I don’t think our team needs to change something to counter him. We need to win Vitality, not ZywOo. These are two different things.

YEKINDAR also noted that players are aware of their status of favorites, which, among other things, is due to the problems that Vitality, G2 and NIP have.

We consider ourselves the favorites of IEM Winter 2021, but we shouldn’t forget that all the other teams are strong as well, despite the fact that they are experiencing problems with communication, standins, etc. Vitality, perhaps, feel more confident as they realize that this is their last tournament in the current lineup. We feel that we are capable of becoming champions and are not afraid of any possible opponents. But at the same time, we can lose to any team if we are not being realistic about our own power.

The IEM Winter 2021 semifinal between and Vitality will take place on December 11. The winner will fight for the title with the better team of the G2 – NIP matchup.