ZywOo: "I had a bad year and I admit that s1mple is now better"

Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, an AWPer of Vitality, answered several questions from the journalists during a press conference before the start of the IEM Winter 2021 playoffs. Among other things, the Frenchman admitted that the current year is not going the best way for him, and opened up about learning English.

Herbaut believes that in 2021 his main rival Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev from NAVI is playing much better. As one of the reasons for his not the most remarkable individual game, he underlined problems with the format of the tournaments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

I had a bad year and I easily admit that s1mple is now better. I will do my best to become better in 2022. As for the reasons, this season was disrupted by COVID-19. We had to play from home, which is very difficult. When we found out that the Major and other championships were going to be held at arenas with a live audience, everyone in Vitality was so excited. We have been waiting for this for almost two years and want to continue playing in front of fans. I would like to travel a lot.

ZywOo has only recently started communicating with the media in English. According to the player, this is something of high importance for his future career.

Before, two years ago, I was more shy. Now I’m improving my English, because I’m surrounded by people, who I have to speak it with. These are tournament administrators, players and others. That's why I started giving interviews in English. I also must improve the language for my future career.

The IEM Winter 2021 semifinal, which was the main topic of the press conference, will be the upcoming match for ZywOo. The French team will face off against Virtus.pro on December 11.

Origin: ru.csgo.com