fer leaves 00Nation

Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, a player of 00Nation, in an interview on the YouTube channel of a popular Brazilian streamer Jean-Michel "mch" D'Oliveira said that he was going to leave the team soon. According to the esports athlete, whose words are quoted by Mais Esports, the reason for the departure was the poor results of the roster.

Everything turned out badly for me and for the guys. We've experienced stress much more often than we should have. I decided long ago that I would play several championships and leave. <...> We did not manage to achieve any results. We tried very hard but could not use what we gained during trainings in official matches. It was really great coming back to constant practices, which I hadn’t had in a year. At the same time, after spending a week at the bootcamp in Norway, I already started to miss to my family.

Alvarenga has been representing 00Nation since mid-October. During this time, the roster failed to achieve any significant success.

However, it remains unknown when the organization makes an official announcement about parting with fer. Until early 2022, the Brazilian squad will not play any official matches, as previously reported by team's in-game leader Vito "⁠kNgV-⁠" Giuseppe on his social media.

Origin: maisesports.com.br