Astralis's director of sports: "We are not looking for a new AWPer"

The director of sports of Astralis Kasper Hvidt in a commentary to the YouTube channel "Pley" stated that the organization believes in the current roster and does not intend to make any changes by the beginning of 2022. The head's statements came in response to a journalist's question about whether the team was going to look for a replacement for an AWPer Philip "Lucky" Ewald.

Hvidt also explained why the team he leads decided to entrust the sniper's role to a non-specialized AWPer at the ongoing BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021.

During BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, the Danish team took over NIP, but lost to Vitality in the next match. The opponent of the Danes in the round 2 of the lower bracket will be the winner of the BIG – FaZe matchup.