B1ad3: "NAVI try to be real with their power"

Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy, a coach of NAVI, in an interview to the club's YouTube channel said that his team is doing everything possible to prevent a decline after the success at the last Major. According to the specialist, all members of the roster understand their position on the professional CS:GO scene and know their own strenghts and weaknesses.

We want to create our own era. We understand that there were teams that won the tournament and then disappeared for six months. Or when the team wins the tournament and everyone is expecting the same success, but then it fails to win anything for another year.

When the community creates an image for a team, the roster itself may begin to believe in it. We took this very seriously from the beginning and try to be real with our power. We understand that if there is a team stronger than us, we need to do something to defeat them in a month or two.

B1ad3 added that while NAVI players were getting back to trainings after winning PGL Major Stockholm 2021, he did not notice a burnout.

Of course, after the Major, we understand that there is such thing as a recession. We give time off if needed and try not to be overwhelmed. We'll play a tournament and if we see that there is a burnout, we will have to come up with something. But I haven't noticed it yet. There was a rest period where everyone could relax in their own way. Getting back into your training routine is always the same. Someone may be late for praccs or forget the round, after which he gets warned and everything goes back to normal. We are trying to keep this wave of concentration on our goal.

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, which will be held from November 24 to 28 in Copenhagen, is the upcoming event for NAVI. In the opening match, the team is to face BIG.

Origin: youtu.be