sh1ro named V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 MVP has awarded Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov, an AWPer of Gambit, the medal of the most valuable player of V4 Future Sports Festival 2021. The 20-year-old Russian ended the victorious for his team tournament with an average rating of 1.41.

In thirteen maps played, sh1ro's rating dropped below 1.0 only in the grand final against Entropiq, while putting in the peak rating of 2.65 on the third map against eSuba.

For Sokolov, this MVP medal became the third in the current season. Previously, the AWPer was named the most valuable player of IEM Katowice 2021 and IEM Fall 2021 CIS.

V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 was held from November 17 to 21 in Budapest, where the teams competed in a studio format without audience. In addition to championship title, Gambit won €150,000 from the total prize pool.