karrigan: "I don’t see a clear team to challenge NAVI"

Finn "karrigan" Andersen, an in-game leader of FaZe, believes that NAVI are undisputed favorites of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 and the professional CS:GO scene as a whole. At the same time, in a conversation with the journalist from Jaxon.gg, the Dane noted that the CIS squad will compete at the tournament starting on November 24 without clear objectives, which gives other teams a chance for success.

NAVI is favored to win, for sure. But, they also go from winning the Grand Slam to winning the Major, to playing ‘just’ the BLAST Fall finals. It’s not the global finals yet, and they’ve already qualified. They took some time off after the Major to reset.

As you said, the rest of the field is very competitive. I don’t see a clear team to challenge NAVI. I think every team, on the right day, the right matchup, can go all the way to the final. I think we match up well against the rest of the teams.

According to karrigan, FaZe's goal at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 is to reach the grand final.

There are some questions about Astralis having a new lineup. It’s going to be a tough tournament. We play Heroic first, which is going to be very interesting. All in all, I look forward to it, as we’re going to be very competitive. But you have to respect every team you play. <...> We want to go to the Global Finals, and for that, we need to finish second at least.

The final of the BLAST autumn season will be held from November 24 to 28 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, which accommodates 12,000 people. Eight participants will compete for a total prize pool of $425,000 and two slots at BLAST Premier World Final 2021.

Origin: news.jaxon.gg