Report: NAVI are ready to sell m0NESY. Several clubs show interest in the player.

NAVI are willing to consider offers from other clubs regarding the transfer of the Junior roster player Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov. This was noted in a joint report by and Dexerto.

According to the information that the journalists received from sources close to the situation, several teams showed interest in the transfer of the 16-year-old AWPer from NAVI Junior.

It is also noted that the option of loaning the young Russian player is unlikely. The reason being that in the case of loaning, Osipov's new team may not be allowed to participate in Valve’s tournaments due to a possible conflict of interest. In addition, some clubs do not want to build a squad around a prodigy AWPer who may eventually leave the team.

m0NESY joined NAVI in January 2020. Initially, he played for NAVI Youth, after which moved to NAVI Junior, where he continues to play to this day.