Astralis in talks with Bubzkji about his future in the team

Astralis are currently negotiating with Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen about his prospects in the roster. The Danish club’s director of sports Kasper Hvidt told about this in a commentary to Dexerto.

The head admitted that the 23-year-old esports athlete deserves the right to play on a full-time basis, but in the short term, his status as a substitute player in Astralis won’t change.

In regards to Bubzkji, though, it is no secret that we’re working together with him to sort out his future. He has not always been in the best of situations in Astralis, but as the person and professional he is, he has always been there for the team and the organization, and he has always stepped up when needed.

I have huge respect for him as a player and as a person, and his contribution to Astralis cannot be underestimated. Given the fact that his position here is not set to change short term, though, together we are investigating his options. A player of Bubzkji’s qualities deserves to play, and we are in a healthy dialogue with Bubzkji about his future and wishes.

Andersen signed a two-year contract with Astralis in mid-2020. Since then, he has mostly been on the bench or replaced someone from the main squad in some tournaments.

Earlier, it was reported that Astralis are actively looking for a team where Bubzkji could continue his career.