Rumors: fer and fnx may join FalleN and coldzera's new roster

Brazilians Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Lincoln "fnx" Lau may join the roster, which is currently being created by their compatriots Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Marcelo "coldzera" David, sources familiar with the situation told

It is currently unknown who will become the fifth player and how close the roster is to signing contracts with any organization. It was previously reported that Complexity is a possible option.

As for now, Alvarenga has an active contract with 00Nation, who he joined on October 15 this year. Lau, in turn, has been a free agent since Paqueta’s disbandment last month.

fnx, fer, FalleN and coldzera played together in Luminosity and SK, who they won two Major tournaments in 2016 with. In the same year, the entire mentioned quartet found themselves in the’s ranking of the top 20 players in the world, where Toledo and David took the first two places.