Artificial intelligence predicts NAVI's victory at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The analytical service GGPredict, using artificial intelligence, have estimated the chances of the participants in the playoffs of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 to become champions. According to the report published on Twitter, which was based on 200 thousand possible scenarios of the competition, NAVI is an obvious favorite.

NAVI turned out to be victorious in 30.7% of simulated scenarios, and in 45% of cases, they would reach the final. The closest competitors of the CIS team, Heroic and G2, have significantly lower chances of getting the title – 14.87% and 13.24%, respectively.

Using the same method, GGPredict tried to predict the top 8 in the Challengers Stage and Legends Stage of the ongoing Major. The artificial intelligence predicted 7 out of 8 finalists of the first stage and 5 out of 8 finalists of the second stage.

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