gade: BIG were unlucky with best-of-one matches at IEM Fall 2021

Nicklas "⁠gade⁠" Gade, the player of BIG, at a press conference following the IEM Fall 2021 group stage, noted that the tournament's format, which implies BO1 matches, is one of the reasons for the team's poor performance. The Dane's words were the answer to a question from a journalist.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

BIG were unlucky with best-of-one matches at IEM Fall 2021. Our map pool is not really suitable for playing only one map. We have BO3 matches ahead of us, which I'm looking forward to.

However, gade admitted that his individual level of play at the current European RMR tournament leaves much to be desired.

It's safe to say that I've become a full-fledged member of the roster, yet I still sometimes feel like a newcomer. I make mistakes in some moments and at this particular tournament I'm certainly not showing the best game.

In addition to the new system, I have to speak a new language. All of this is one big process, during which the team makes progress in the official matches. We learn a lot from losses. Now as we have to play every day, it's important to trust the process.

The 26-year-old esports athlete also shared his opinion on the Copenhagen Flames' performance at IEM Fall 2021. He was pleasantly surprised by the game of his compatriots, who reached the playoffs finishing first in Group A.

Each team must prove that they deserve a slot in the major. For example, Copenhagen Flames are doing great in this tournament and have made it to the playoffs with 5 consecutive wins. We should give them some credit.

I know HooXi⁠ and roeJ very well since I've played with them in the same team before. These are hard working guys. Their team makes the most of the tactics they have prepared. When you're watching demos of their matches, you can see that there are no players that stand out from the squad individually. The actions of the entire five look thoughtful. They punish opponents for mistakes. Let's see if the team is able to do this in BO3 matches. So far, I am very impressed by Copenhagen Flames' performance.

It should be reminded that BIG finished third in Group A, which allowed them to compete for places from 9th to 12th. Heroic, OG and FaZe, who also took third places in their groups, will be the German team's opponents.

BIG's upcoming match against Heroic at IEM Fall 2021 Europe is scheduled for today, October 5, at 18:00 MSK.