CS:GO Update Release Notes for 9/22/2021


– Fixed a rare incorrect game settings error when trying to play some game modes.
– Fixed grenades ammo problem on servers with sv_infinite_ammo 1 setting.
– Fixed a wave file fatal error when force precache launch setting was used.
– Fixed a scrolling regression in workshop maps list.
– Fixed material seams on several Guerrilla Warfare agents.
– Fixed voice mismatch for Gendarmerie agents.
– Fixed the name and voice of Elite Crew distinguished tier agent “Jungle Rebel | Elite Crew”.
– Added several missing knife finish textures.


– Updated lights.rad file with the latest lighting information for map creators.


– Updated radar image to match the latest map changes.

– Replaced env_sprites with clientside version.
– Removed point_spotlights.
– Replaced some of the physical props with non-networked versions.
– Updated radar image.
– Optimalisation.

Origin: blog.counter-strike.net