Valve employee shared how to avoid crashes on CS:GO startup after update

After the recent CS:GO update, some users face an error when the game crashes with the launch of various maps. CS:GO developer John McDonald shared a method to fix this problem on his Twitter account.

The employee from Valve stated that to avoid such an error, you need to make sure that -preload is not in your launch parameters, and cl_forcepreload does not appear in your configuration files or it is set to 0. He also added that everything will be fixed with the next update.

To remove -preload, you need to right-click on the CS:GO icon in the Steam Library, select "Properties", then "Launch options" and, if you see "-preload", remove it. To change the cl_forcepreload value, you need to find the cfg folder in the CS:GO root folder and open the required configuration file, then set the cl_forcepreload value to zero.

It is worth noting that after the McDonald's advice, some CS:GO users, including, for instance, the AWPer from OG Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski, continue to experience problems with the game crashing.