juliano retires from CS:GO

Julia "juliano" Kiran, the Swedish esports athlete, has announced her retirement from CS:GO on her Twitter account. After leaving the professional scene of the shooter from Valve, she will continue to compete in Valorant.

This is my official announcement that i’m no longer playing CSGO professionally. Thank you for this journey & to everyone who supported me all these years. Moving on to Valorant of course. Did you guys think i'm done yet? I didnt even begin. And even more huge announcements about to come throughout this year, so be ready.

Kiran is one of the most successful female CS:GO players. For the past nine years, she has performed for more than ten teams, including Secret, Besiktas and Originem. XSET, where she has played since the end of last year, was the last club of the esports athlete.

During her professional CS career, juliano won many big tournaments on the women's stage. The total amount of the prize money earned by the 27-year-old Swede exceeded $47,000.

Origin: twitter.com